About Us

BSL was established as an affordable fashion brand in Istanbul, the oldest capital of the world that connects Europe and Asia. For nearly 20 years, we have been designing and producing the perfect clothing for modern women's fashion. Inspired by the rich history of the city in which the BSL was founded, we strenuously work to blend European fashion with the vibrant Mediterranean colours. We are constantly implementing new designs that allow today's hard-working women to adapt to the speed of life in a busy setting. Our philosophy consists of giving women a variety of affordable, unique, comfortable, and high-quality clothes to pick from.

BSL has a team that includes women who work in the fast-paced environment of the city while knowing how to relax and have fun. Our durable clothes are made from sublime Turkish fabrics and craftsmanship, and we are constantly designing new outfits to accommodate the vitality of urban women.

We offer an unlimited number of possibilities from the thousands of comfortable products that make up our various collections that encompass Street Style, Loungewear, Wear to Work, Night Out, and Activewear which allow us to share every meaningful moment with urban women.

We are a rapidly growing company, and we aim to be in the world market in the next 5 years. After successfully establishing in Europe and the Middle East.We have entered Canadian and U.S. market with our own company. With the purpose of growing in North America, we started online sales at www.thebsl.ca in 2020, and opened a showroom at Toronto 160 Tycos Drive Fashion Center in 2021 where we started wholesaling. 

Since 2021, we have met hundreds of American Retailers in the online wholesale market Faire.com in the USA. In 2022, we established a company in Germany. We started selling in Zalando, Europe's leading online marketplace. We started to receive 100's of orders daily. For the American market, our GRM USA company started operations in Houston/TX in September 2022.